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Interpreting Equipment

When would interpreting equipment be necessary?
For events where a significant minority (more than three people) require the services of an interpreter, interpreting equipment is recommended. The purpose is to facilitate the interpreters' communication with those needing interpreting while preventing the interpreter's speech from disturbing those not needing interpreting.
What kinds of interpreting equipment may be necessary?
one for each interpreter
Wireless receivers with headphones
one for each person needing interpreting
Wireless transmitters
one for each interpreter
Cabling any cabling that may be necessary to connect to a centralized audio system
Noise isolation compartment For large venues where a large number of people are present, ambient noise can be a problem. The interpreter may need a form of noise isolation compartment to prevent their speech from disturbing others who are present, to better hear speakers only through headphones, and to prevent audio signal feedback. Under adverse conditions, this should ideally be a sound proof booth, or at least a cubicle, screen, or divider module.
Obtaining Equipment
Omniverbal can arrange for the provision of interpreting equipment, or the client can provide their own if desired.

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