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Submitting Work for Translation

To minimize charges and speed production time, we make the following recommendations for submitting work for translation:
  • Submit originals via e-mail.
At Omniverbal, all translations are produced in a digital file format, and when complete, are e-mailed to the client who can then print the documents as needed. Should the client submit originals to Omniverbal via fax or in printed form, in most cases, the pages must first be scanned which adds to the production time, therefore we recommend submitting all originals via e-mail.
  • Submit files in the format in which they were originally produced.
If more than a simple text translation is needed, for translations that were originally created with a computer, we recommend submitting the files in the native file format, or equivalent, of the program that was originally used to produce the files. This is especially important with documents that include anything other than text only: images, graphics, artwork, tables, charts, complex layout, and formating. For example, if a document was produced in Word, submit it in Word file format. If the original was produced in InDesign, submit the file in InDesign format. Files produced by scanning printed pages are not practically editable or imitable, and therefore discouraged if the original computer files are available.
  • Submit fonts used in the original files whenever possible, especially whenever uncommon, or non-Latin fonts are involved.
  • If the original file was assembled using various component files, such as image files, please include those as well.
  • For images with embedded text to be translated, submit the original image files as they appeared before text was added.

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