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Translation Certification

Omniverbal offers certified translations. With certified translations, a formal letter is provided which certifies that the documents were translated by professional translators to the best of their ability.

Sometimes confusion arises between the need to use a certified translator with receiveing certified translations. The former involves the certification of the individual translator, while the latter involves the certification of the written translations they produce.

Translator Certification

The leading form of certification for translators is offered by the American Translators Association (ATA), which requires passing a written examination.  Since most certification exams, including ATA, test only for minimum competency, unfortunately there is no significant relationship between passing these exams and the ability to produce high quality translations. Additionally, certification is only available for certain specific language pairs. Therefore, rather than giving our clients the misleading impression that they should seek translator certification as a form of quality assurance, our position has been to ensure competence and quality in our translators primarily by assessing their language proficiency and experience independently. The result is that although many Omniverbal translators are certified by ATA, all meet or exceed these certification standards.

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