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Modes of Interpreting

Simultaneous - The interpreter speaks while listening.
In simultaneous interpreting, the message is expressed almost immediately after it is heard. Simultaneous interpretation can be done in whisper format, called chucotage, for one listener, or more commonly, for multiple listeners at once with the help of equipment such as an interpreter microphone and listener headsets. This mode of interpretation is used for conferences, during court proceedings, press conferences, or in other settings where the message needs to be conveyed immediately.

Consecutive - The interpreter speaks after vocal pauses or the completion of statements.
In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter usually waits until the speaker has completed an entire question or statement before conveying it into the second language. This technique is generally used for attorney/client interviews, doctor/patient meetings, question and answer scenarios, interrogations, or witness testimony.  In consecutive interpretation, the whole context is clear before the language conversion process begins.

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