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Localization is a form of translation that is tailored to a particular region, nationality, or language subgroup. Localization may incorporate distinctive particulars such as currency, laws, geography, dialect, idioms, and mannerisms. Localization is called for when more specificity is necessary to communicate properly with an intended audience than can be inferred from a broad language designation.

Issues encompassed by localization

Regional differences within languages example: Spanish from Spain versus Mexico
Nationality example: Traditional Chinese from Taiwan versus simplified Chinese from mainland China
Currency example: United States versus Canadian dollars
Weights and Measures example: the metric system versus the English system
Culture / Religion symbols, colors, images may need to be tailored for different groups that speak the same language

In general, when needing a translation it is important to be as specific as possible about the country, region, or other language subgroup group for which a translation is intended.

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