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Text Only Translation vs. Translation with Desktop Publishing

Text Only Translation - The look of the original is not preserved.
This is the simplest form of translation. Only the text of a document is extracted, translated, and then written without matching the look and layout of the original. When practical, simple formatting such as pagination, columns, and tables, are followed for clarity and ease of cross reference with the original document. In some cases, pictures which are simply embedded within the text can also be transferred, but in general, complex images, artwork, graphs, charts, colors, fonts, and creative layouts are not transferred.

Translation with Desktop Publishing - The look of the original is matched as closely as possible.
This form of translation involves a significant amount of post-translation production called desktop publishing (DTP). Every effort is made to closely follow the look of the original document, including artwork, graphs, charts, colors, images, layout, and fonts. This may be especially important when a print ready version of translated material is needed, such as in marketing, documentation, or anything intended for widespread publication. To produce this type of translation reasonably economically, it is usually necessary for the client to submit the originals in the same digital format as, or a reasonable equivalent to, the one in which they were created.

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